Desert Oubliette

Bentley,  hold on, I want to get out.

My whip has a crack in it.


Sylvester the mummy has a bullet in his back

his finger flakes.

Jimmy wants to drink a glass

There are no rapes growing in tomb, Laura.

the coin pinches my fingers and it wont get  a shot

get off the property before I call a gun.

that’s no way to ride a swan, skull or numbness.

are we putting things in our penis again?

its not lapis.

I forget about a urethra… my bladder is popped but moses’ dirty nails just make the pinhole

in the wineskin.

I’m thirsty.

parched. give me a cigarette.

An Excerpt That Could Have Come From One of Those Punk Zines


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“And Furthermore, if anyone sees my Smile Train Campbell’s Soup Kid hanging on his wall or put up somewhere, just realize he DID keep that piece of mail and it at least validates that we both laugh at some messed up shit.  I’d love it back one day, it’s not getting enough love.  irascible fuck?  it takes one to know one.”
from the comments on this page right here:

Why Do We Say That Mental Health Detention is Discrimination?

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The Big Mad Experience

Tina Minkowitz, Esq. writes for Mad in America:

The disability community, including users and survivors of psychiatry, has sent a letter (drafted and circulated by WNUSP) to the UN Human Rights Committee urging that treaty monitoring body to follow the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in prohibiting all mental health detention.  The signatories came from all regions of the world and include user/survivor organizations, disability organizations, other human rights organizations and individual experts.  The Special Rapporteur on Disability sent his own statement elaborating this point, and the organization Autistic Minority International has also submitted an excellent paper.  All these submissions can be found on the website of the Human Rights Committee.

Since our letter is quite technical in pointing out the divergence of the Human Rights Committee’s position from that of the CRPD, which is a higher standard of human rights protection, I would like…

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Bulimia- She’s not rejecting the dinner you just bought her, she’s doing you a favor.


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Bulimia seems insulting to the average guy who takes a woman out and buys or makes her dinner.


Ima tell you what, dude.


Do you like to get your dick sucked?  Did you ever try to swallow a bratwurst whole, alone, in the privacy of your own bathroom, when no one was watching?  Did you like it? was it fun? Did you do it on an empty stomach, or right after lunch.


I’m sure you have heard her gag a bit, is that hot?  Would you like that Pasta Primavera or that Pulled Pork returned to you in that moment? I didn’t think so.


She clears her stomach on your behalf, so you don’t have to do it with your dick when she’s taking you in, you dig?


A woman who tosses her cookies after dinner from an early age may have been punched or slapped for throwing up during head. It only takes once.  Her Dad probably set the standard, or her brother, or her uncle, or a boy she wanted to like her.  But now it’s security.  Don’t want to risk getting your ears boxed, do you missy? nope. nope nope nope nope nope.

Men can say that getting a woman to come via oral sex is hard, or takes a long time, or whatever, but licking an ice cream cone is easy peasy, lou-weezy.

If a woman is giving you head, it’s a special, special thing dude. If she throws up after dinner, is that now going to make you hot, knowing she is preparing to give head? Does it matter in the moment if it comes from survival instinct, or carnal knowlege of how to endure a very powerful and potent sex act? When she doesn’t spit it back in your face or give you a snowball, do you feel lucky, do you feel in love? are you grateful?

Hitting it and quitting it giving you an upset stomach?  I got some Ipecac for you, son.


ipecac skull and crossbones

Notes From A Boner

Captain Awkward is one of my favorite bloggers. I’ve gone to her blog a number of times with my own concerns. have yet to ask her anything specific to myself that she might write about, but I recommend her writing and her advice.

She’s got it nailed.

I wrote this to maybe read at last night’s (EPIC!) Story Club, but the name-draw for open mic slots did not go my way. Still, I didn’t want it to go to waste. So here, without ado (and without comments enabled , b/c it’s a performance piece, not a discussion piece) you go.

Notes From A Boner

They pop up from time to time on Facebook. Time-stamp 3 AM, from an old friend I used to mess around with in college. “Hey, what’s new? I was just thinking about you.”

I bet you were, buddy!

Sometimes they show up in the film class that I teach. I play a clip from Soderbergh’s Out of Sight, to show how color temperature isn’t just a technical thing and you can manipulate it to create mood. “What did you see? What do you think?,” I ask the students.

Every time…

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Some Donkey


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Honestly, some donkey with a problem must have said I was a 24/7 foodsex word gamer or something.  Even at a church pantry, I’ve got some matron with something to prove, creaming her jeans at the mention of “Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.”  Are you fucking kidding me?  And then she has the nerve to try and send me out with my food in a “Patient Belongings” bag.  SAY WHAT!?


You have got to be MOTHER FUCKING KIDDING ME! Right?


I informed her that I wasn’t interested in cultivating the impression I’d been to the hospital,  that the psych ward is worse than prison.  Shut that down.


*every goddamn noob who reads 50 shades and thinks its time to play “set it off” with me, the stranger, here in Chambana, Illinois.  I can’t wait until September when my new job as the Art teacher for the Champaign Park District gets rolling, then we shall see just who influences whom, and what real fun we shall have.


Just you wait.

Of course it will be age-appropriate!  What do you think I am? some kind of unconsensual pervert who has to imply body fluids in order to get what she wants? 

Bitch, please.

talk to them


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ozone or no smell

light a candle

evacuate for 1h x 100sf

drink water

wash clothes and shower

walk babies

and pets do yoga

ALL PEOPLE/ AGES drink similac 1st year

wash clothes and shower



low impact activity

asprin only

Did My Folks Use Cocaine when I was a kid?


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Was I a crack baby?

Is that why my toes are so perfectly formed to look like a shoe?


Wish I had a camera to show you what I mean.  The toes are very cubed, like they were from a mold, they always have been.  Only the big toes pop out beyond the edge.


I sure wish they had said something.

Probably they smoked it when we were baking or something.  People are always trying to play pranks with Cocaine.  I hate that.  I wish they would stop.


Stop Cocaine!  Stop!



Camphor from the India Store.


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I was using diluted camphor in water for a disinfectant today and I sprayed my aluminum tongs.


It is now very clear to me about the properties of aluminum.


I don’t recommend it.


sorry for smelling like I was welding today. I’m trying to do dry laundry. it’s not as nice as I wish it was.